Friday, September 4, 2009


Woke up at 4:30 AM Thursday, determined to overcome my technological barriers. Two hours later...completely frustrated, I surrendered to the voice of my heart telling me, "It doesn't have to be perfect." I decided I prefer to wake up in my Hapry Place rather than a technological battle ground. My 11 year-old was there to remind me of that..."Just go to your Happy Place, Mom!" He had to tell me three times before I actually let go of what I couldn't control and settled into gratitude for having my very own in-house coach!
A good day for some Motorcycle Medicine! A perfect September day! I just let my intuition be my GPS and soaked up the energy the trees and sunlight were sending me.
I rode through a small little town, Hubbleton, and much to my amazement, I passed a handmade sign, WEED 4 SALE...I kid you not! (I forgot my camera!) What kind of WEED?Now, either generations way before mine have a completely different definition for "weed" than my own, or some stoner actually put the sign out there. The print and paint job had me convinced of the later. I may need to go back there to satisfy my curiosity. Perhaps I should bring along reinforcements! Care to join me??

Fell asleep last night with my bedroom illuminated by the full moon. I figured the moon would be bright enough at 5AM to run down the road onto the golf course before the grounds crew started at 6:00. Success! The pictures posted are from my run! So surreal. What country was I in anyway?? Sir Lanka came to idea why. I felt like I was living a dream. Oh, wait...I am!

Running in the dark was an illuminating experience. I found it amazing how my body instinctively slowed its pace in conjunction with the darkness handicapping the full function of my eyes. My depth perception was nearly absent; constantly challenged. What seemed like easy terrain to run in low light two days ago, became very challenging in the dark, diminishing my confidence.

Sometimes life's a lot like running in the dark . I get into terrain that's difficult to navigate, becomes extremely challenging, and results in waining confidence. Hmmm...the computer issue from yesterday..."Just go to your Happy Place, Mom." I was already in a happy place phsically, so I connected with the feelings I was experiencing with my surroundings. Running along slowly, one step at a time, the rising sun in tune with my pace, began to share its light making my trek easier and easier; my pace and momentum increasing with every step. Nature is a marvelous teacher! No matter how dark it gets, I am assured I will always see the return of light. After all, one cannot exist without the other.

Slow down and enjoy the ride! The light appears exactly when it's supposed to appear...right on time...perfectly.

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