Saturday, March 21, 2009


As the signs of spring begin to reappear…the longer increments of daylight, fluctuating temperatures, migrating birds returning, displaying their mating rituals and singing their songs of praise, the dissipating snow, as well as the rains, which cleanse the tell-tale signs of a long winter…I anticipate the emergence from the darkness of my winter den with a yearning to experience the nourishing of my spirit on the open road, riding my Harley-Davidson Motorcycle, once again. Longing to be reminded of the simple graces life so freely offers; chirping birds, warm breezes, the aroma of emerging flora, the intensifying warmth of the sun as well as its rising and setting, illuminating clouds like silhouette images of landscapes I have relished in my travels…awakening the senses that have been hibernating, rekindling my connections to the Earth and feeling the goodness of being alive. I feel my aliveness calling to me once again to express its Self, to experience pure joy and allow myself the opportunity to just be, as I am, where I am, on the open road, on my Harley.
Ready to commune once again, with my natural surroundings, allowing myself to touch and be touched as I ride with the wind, letting all of creation surround and embrace my entire being, filling my Self with the energy the Earth Mother provides, longing to once again observe the unfolding of new life everywhere I look and around every corner I take. Motorcycling is where I practice allowing my heart to be my roadmap. That’s the adventure I’m anticipating. Getting out there to just feel and be, celebrating the newness and freshness rather than intellectualizing and doing…the mode I’ve been so programmed to operate from.
We all have an innate desire to feed our spirit, our soul. We do a lot more to cover it up than to reclaim what has always been there. I use my Harley-Davidson as a vehicle to help me reclaim my Self, the part of me that has been with me since birth…the part of me that is beneath the programming…the conditioning. I like to think of my motorcycle as a tool for personal transformation, it’s where I practice letting my heart take the lead to that place of pure joy, allowing whatever to come my way and not try to control it, but to accept it as it is. It’s the epitome of inspiration, inhaling spirit, for miles on end. When I allow the act of motorcycling to fill me with the pure joy and the excitement of being, I become inspired. Motorcycling then takes on a whole new perspective and so do I.
I’m filled with Life and my energy becomes one with all the energy that surrounds me. It’s pure bliss! I’m no longer just riding a motorcycle; I’m totally connected to Life and the mystery of which we are all a part. The bliss isn’t really in the riding, it’s in tapping into the spirit that’s been lying dormant or covered. Riding is the means by which I take myself to that blissful place.
I’ve been in the process of personal transformation since the day I jumped in the saddle. One mile at a time, I’ve become more of who I truly am by giving my soul the space to come alive, even if only for a moment. Each time I get back in the saddle, I go there again, a little longer each time. This is where I see glimpses of my true colors. I know this is where the answers to all Life’s questions lie. The more I get out there, the clearer they become. The more power I fuel my inner Self; the more inspired I become to be more of who I truly am. Each time I get out there, I feel myself become stronger.
Each year I emerge from my den in spring, I know I’m going to get that Harley-Davidson Motorcycle on the road again and discover more of myself, more of my potential. I’m going to fuel my soul again. I’m excited about the discoveries and adventures which await me and I’m excited about how much more of my Self will emerge this season.

“Everyone stumbles over the truth from time to time, but most people pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened. –Sir Winston Churchill

Karen Allen is a Professional Life Coach for Life’s travelers in transition and adventurous seekers of personal transformation. Feel free to share your comments, stories or inquiries at