Saturday, April 25, 2009

Today’s forecast…sun and the mid-80’s…quite a treat for mid-April in Wisconsin. I dropped my kids off at school and skipped my morning run in the woods because that Harley-Davidson was calling my spirit a lot louder than the woods were!
Today, I decided to head north. As I pulled out of the driveway, I could see dark clouds gathering northwest…looks like rain to me…even though the meteorologists said “sprinkles only”. I’ve been on the road long enough to know the difference between sprinkle clouds and rain clouds, so I headed southwest where the sun was shining and blue painted the sky. My internal GPS nudged me into heading for the sun. I didn’t want clouds and rain, I wanted sun and warmth…so that is the direction I headed…and that is the direction I continually work on choosing in my life; move toward what feels good!
The incessant thoughts creep in, as they always do, letting me know I had some work to do on this ride. What do I need to do to feel good? It was now time to change the direction of my thoughts…I start by observing nature, because for me, that’s the easiest way to slow down the mind chatter. I look at the trees…at first glance, they look shriveled and dead, but upon closer observation, I see they have small buds ready to burst into new life once again…evolving, constantly growing…just like me. I love the birds…so carefree…singing their song, flying around, just living in the moment…and for this moment, I sense that I am, too.
The hawks are my main spirit guides…they show up constantly for me, sending messages my heart always hears…sometime immediately…sometimes down the road a way or even later in the day…but there’s always a message. A lot of times they show up just to interrupt my thoughts and get me to change my focus and pay attention. Usually I just feel a sense of peace when I see them, which causes me to slow down…many times when needed. Today I was behind a semi which was behind a slow vehicle. What I didn’t see was the vehicle directly in front of the semi, behind that slow vehicle. Now traveling 20 miles under the limit, I thought it was a good time to pass. The moment I decided to pass, a hawk flew right overhead and I paused to acknowledge it. Good thing, because the car in front of the truck that I couldn’t see, was turning left! Had it not been for that hawk, I may be telling a different story right now.
The Turkey Vultures were making frequent appearances as well today. Not the most attractive creatures out there; in fact, a close up view gives me the same bodily response as the tabloid photos of celebrity cellulite asses on the beach. Regardless, I know the vulture has shown up to remind me that my current situation is temporary and necessary for a higher purpose at work…rescue is imminent…time to stop the “what if’s”, trust, and enjoy the ride.
With a little help from nature and my own coaching tools, I clear my head and open my heart…now I’m in my element; getting lost and enjoying the ride. I cross a major state highway into an unfamiliar town…I’m literally 20 minutes away from “civilization and the first thing I see as I pull into the town…
As I roll through town, I begin to wonder what year it is. I thought perhaps I had I traveled into a different time space? Did I forget to take my supplements this morning? Then I happened upon this…

The landscapers had to be squirrels! And if they were, why did the residents leave the tree there??? Perhaps they were the town drunks! Then again…

…there wasn’t room in that garage for another speck of dirt…I didn’t take a picture of the house…I was a bit skeptical considering Ed’s was just down the road!

As I rode away,I let myself get lost in all the possibilities of that town until I realized I needed gas and that was one thing I had yet to stumble upon. Back onto a main drag, back to April 24th, 2009, and to a town with a gas station, I fill up and head back home in sunshine and warmth, not only physically but spiritually as well. A little wind in my hair, a little dirt on my face, and a little change in perspective…just what I needed. I love the road and my Harley-Davidson Motorcycle. Best damn teachers out there!

Roads like this show up for good reason! The Universe talks to us; we just have to pay attention!

I just had to take it on my way home.