Monday, December 28, 2009

The Game of Life...REALLY!

I agreed to play Life with my 10 year old son the first day of winter break. This had been the second time I played the game with him, both incidents forwarding the same results. Wyatt was the high rolling Dr., living in the $700,000 penthouse, hitting payday at least 20 times throughout the game. I was an accountant with a cape cod…not a bad lot to pick, but the irony was worth looking into. Both times he had won with at least double the cash and property that I had accumulated. As I watched this last game unfold, I laughed, seeing the difference in his thinking regarding Life and money and how they manifested even through this board game….just like it has in real life! No fear regarding money…treat it like it’s air…no worries…it’ll be there…if it’s not, I’ll find more or it’ll just come into my experience. The more this all sunk in, the more clearly I could see the manifestation of my own money beliefs through this game paralleled those of my Life. Can’t get ahead…every turn I take someone/thing is taking/not giving money…bills to keep paying…kids that keep growing…I ain’t having no fun! Then I look at my son. He’s cleaning out the bank and breezing through the game of life because he expects to…and that was the key for me!

I’m not winning this game of Life…because I don’t expect to. There are lots of old beliefs lurking in the back ground waiting to be brought up into the foreground. And there’s nothing like family to help that process. Christmas Eve I found myself sitting in the midst of exactly what had manifested on the board just the night before. My family gathered at my sister and brother-in-law’s beautiful North Shore home. As a bankruptcy attorney, he’s hit a few paydays this year. My sister and I, Irish Twins, grew up in the same environment … how is it that we came away with such varied, drastically different experiences and beliefs regarding money??? Here was my family gifting me with the awareness as to exactly where I needed to clean house! What hit me square on was that my family hasn’t expected me to breeze through the game of Life, because I don’t expect to. Deep down inside, I don’t believe it myself. They were alerting me to some serious flaws in my thinking! Time to get rid of what was no longer serving me regarding my experiences with money; time to reframe the past!

Back down into the dungeon I went and found a lot of deep rooted shame and anxiety surrounding money. When I have money, I’m supposed to share it…give it away… I don’t deserve it, so I should just get rid of it…fear of never having enough money for what I need and never any for what I want…guilt for using it to pay for something I want…fear of not being able to manage it…fear of the work involved in managing it…WOW! Money has been creating some serious pain for me for a long time! Not the association I desire to have with money.

The Universe does provide for all who are open to receive! Carol Tuttle happened to show up in my inbox. Her free video helped me coach myself through these issues I discovered regarding money. It may be worth an hour of your time as well.

Here’s wishing you all a prosperous New Year!!! Life IS a game! Play it!


Monday, December 14, 2009


Thanksgiving Day I had a very brave, tollerant, kind, loving, compassionate friend help me wrestle a 12 x 10 foot tree into my living room. Having spent the better part of the next 4 days illuminating a naked tree with lights, glimmer, and color, was truly a labor of love.

That Saturday, I took a break from the tree project and set out on my motorcycle in upper 50 degree temps to meet an endearing friend for lunch and a ride. Having never gone for a ride in SE Wisconsin in late November, it was a real treat for the eyes and soul.
Stark naked trees exposing their core - their complex branches revealing everything around them that had been hidden by their summer foliage - had me scanning familiar turf with child-like wonder and amazement. The mysteries and treasures beyond the masks I had been accustomed astonished me! Little lakes, ponds, and streams that had been hidden were now exposing themselves, giving my world an entirely new perspective. How exciting and enticing the familiar becomes when one’s perspective is changed.

I know there are mysteries and treasures beyond my own masks. When I choose to look at my life situations and circumstances from an entirely different perspective, mysteries, magic, and treasures are exposed there as well.

As the hot cup of tea I’m drinking warms my body, the conversation with my friend of 22 years warms my soul. Trying to read something at the coffee shop, we laugh about our fading eyesight. I can see how the years have changed us physically, yet I'm inspired by how the dwindling of our eyesight has coincided with the increased vision of our hearts. It’s really not a matter of what you see, but how you choose to see that’s key.

Two weeks have passed. A 12 inch blanket of snow covering the landscape wass the perfect backdrop for the 11th annual Ladies Christmas Party. The conversation, affection, and laughter gave me the sense of riding by naked trees in late November. There are no masks being worn. All of who we are is comfortably exposed as we enjoy the magic of each other’s friendship.

We hold a custom of a gift exchange at these parties in which a story is read. Each time you hear the word “right” or “left” in the story, you must pass the gift in your hand in that direction. Here’s this year’s story…

Christmas Right and Left 2009

Here we are again, right in the same place we were left standing last year. Another year has passed right by and left us graced with the right gifts; one another, once again.

I see this as a year in which many have begun to head down the right path, the road of re-discovering who it is they truly are as an individual, and where the right fit for them is in this world.

Our old ways of living are being left on the wayside as we begin to create a new reality…a life uniquely right for each of us…a life which is created when the job is left to one’s imagination and intuition. So, set yourself free to imagine all that feels right and only wonderful things will be left to happen for you.

Though it may not happen right away, trust that no matter the circumstances and no matter whether you choose the road to the right or to the left, as long as you continue moving forward, you’re on the right road.

Utilize your experiences and friends…those that have come right in, as well as those that have left… as teachers and stepping stones taking you toward a life just right for you. Learn to do what feels right in your heart regardless of what your left brain may be telling you.

As you move forward into another year, hang onto the memories of all that felt right and continue to move forward…the shit can be left behind…it served the right purpose.

Take the wisdom you’ve been left with and share it with someone so they can discover their own right life, the life they were left here to live. You’re still right here and the band is still playing the right tune for you, so put your left foot forward and dance!

Right now, I want you to think back to a happy time this year…a really, really happy time. Go back to a time where you felt so right on…so light, so right you thought you might float. Remember it…remember how right it felt…that feeling has never left you…the joy of that moment…feeling right about yourself and right about life right at that moment. Feel what it feels like when the unfettered thoughts of the future and oblivion of the past have left you…Now, feel that right-on feeling a little bit longer.

And once you have left here tonight, keep feeling that feeling, that right-on feeling all year through because the gift you will be left with is pure joy. And if you feel like you’ve been left in the muck, I know a really good life coach…she’s right here!

Merry Christmas, my dear friends! Abundant happiness and inner peace are yours in the New Year…but only if you believe it!

Expose your Self this year!