Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Back in the Saddle Again

The last few days of summer vacation have been very fall-like; a definitive chill in the air. Lightness in the morning skies appears much later, reminding me that summer is basically over. Prepping my boy’s bags of school supplies (Do they really use all that shit?), while I buff up my armor for the battle ahead…HOMEWORK!
I’ve dreaded this day as long as I can remember; the last day of summer vacation. I dreaded it …as a kid, as a teacher, as a mom. A schedule I must abide to by the forces that be; my freedom, swept away the instant my clock/radio gives me my wake-up call; my gut, feeling like it just took a hit from a cannon ball.
Schools tend to force limitations upon kids (and parents), often keeping them from soaring as fast as they want to for where they want to be. So, when the dismissal gates open and my wards have been released, I do my best to sweep them up into an environment that supports their desires and gifts.
On the first day back to school, rather than dwell on what it is we don’t like, and all the possibilities we may imagine it to be (or not be), we’ll spend as much time in our Happy Place as possible and report back on the outcome.
Going to your Happy Place is simply revisiting, in your mind’s eye, all the places and experiences that have filled every cell of your being with joy. Every time an uncomfortable thought or experience comes up, that’s cue to go directly to your Happy Place.
Give it try! I know you’ll feel a difference!

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