Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Magic of Inner Peace

Riding a motorcycle on November 22nd, when it happens to be an unfathomable 62 degrees in SE Wisconsin is especially exciting and exhilarating! I found myself cruising the back roads with a “soul smile” on my face (the kind that you can’t control…impossible to wipe from your face no matter how hard you try) covering another hundred miles of asphalt. Great Medicine for the Self as every living thing around radiates my flying high energy back to me.

The back roads took me into the small town of Fort Atkinson. As I meandered through the curves in route to the main drag, right above me in the crystal blue sky was a spectacular performance. Two eagles, flying high and dancing in the sun. I was right there with them, flying high and dancing my favorite dance in the sun, as well.

Eagles always have a powerful message for me, aside from the fact that seeing them around these parts is almost as common as a 62 degree day in mid-November. The instantaneous halt to any mind chatter and the surge of energy when I see them; followed by an intense calm…inner peace…pure love… is exactly what I experience. Practicing this state of being on my motorcycle, reminds me to practice bringing that feeling into my day to day experiences. I love how nature is always there providing me with these lessons!

A friend just “happened” to send this poem my way November 23rd, describing the Symptoms of Inner Peace. It’s exactly what I strive to experience when I ride, both my motorcycle and my life! It’s an experience available at any given moment; making a connection with nature…with Source Energy.

November 24th, driving north along a major state highway just past the Interstate, passing by an intermingling of farm lands and subdivisions, I was practicing mantras to achieve a state of inner peace. Suddenly, two very large birds swooped across the highway. I immediately knew what they were, so I pulled over. Two bald eagles flew across the road once again, then perched themselves in a tree right next to where I had parked. I watched in absolute amazement, thrilled and filled with a tremendous sense of inner peace!

The eagles have landed and I’m shooting for the moon!


LeslieB said...


I just found your website and blog through a suggestion I received about the new book Changes of the Heart.

This past summer I took a motorcycle course and was hooked. My hubby bought a Harley Sportster 883L for me and I'm enjoying learning what it's like to really focus and stretch outside my comfort zone at 53. And we're already looking to trade it in for a bigger bike so I can keep up with the pack a little better.

I'm following your blog and looking forward to hearing more about your adventures. Thanks for painting great pictures with your words!

Pinky said...

I just stumbled upon your blog and enjoyed reading some of your posts. Like you, riding is medicine for my soul.