Sunday, November 1, 2009



What a difference a week makes! Gusty winds and heavy rains during the past week have left an onslaught of naked trees.

Today I took an incredible hundred mile ride through the nakedness. Knowing it could very well be the last hoorah of the season, I enjoyed every second of it. My excitement had me bouncing off of my seat. At times, I felt as though it were summer even though the temperature struggled to reach 60. The way the sun felt, the calming effect of the blue sky, and the excitement of taking it all in had my appreciation for the present moment escalated. I was tuned in, tapped in, and turned on!

Cruising down the back roads without an agenda had me wondering why I don’t live every day as if it were the last ride of the season. As I studied the landscapes through which I was traveling, observing predominantly naked trees, the wisdom of the trees hit me. The leaves of the trees are gone. There’s nothing left of them other than their core, yet so much more light is now able to shine through.

When we lose all the extensions of who it is we have become, we are left with our core; who it is we truly are. And when we make that discovery, so much more light is free to shine through! The trees relayed a profound message. It’s not what you wear, it’s what’s in your heart. And when you expose your heart, it opens more space for the light.

My intention this week is to choose to live in the state of being like it’s the last ride of the season. In every moment I feel off, I will re-mind myself, with the assistance of a few Post-it Notes, to focus on choosing to feel the way I did when I rode today. I’m going to practice riding every moment like it’s the last hoorah, because truly, every moment is.

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