Sunday, March 28, 2010


I wonder how many people I’ve let pass through my life because I was so focused on superfical elements, never taking the time to look into their heart and discover their true make-up—examine the treasures of who they truly are at their core?

I wonder how many times I missed being "wildly, desperately, completely, nakedly in love...baying at the Moon,” because I was so hung up on what other people thought?

I wonder how many people continue going south at sunset when their heart is pulling them north at sunrise?

I wonder how many will never experience true love in their life because they’re afraid to “get the fuck out of Dodge?”

When you let go of how you think it’s supposed to look, Life happens. When you look deeply into the eyes of another—straight into their soul, you come to know the depth of your own.


Anonymous said...

You can really hit it on the head.
Thank you for all your beautiful thoughts. It is helping me become a better me.

Joan Marie Collins said...

You know how to love, Karen. I shine when I read your writings. Joan CollinsOXoXXOxO

Anonymous said...

You are a beautiful friend...thank you for opening your heart. Elise