Sunday, August 9, 2009

Getting ready For A Road Trip

While I’m away with my boys, Lucy, my motorcycle is going to go through a bit of a transformation. I like to look at Lucy as a metaphor for my life. She’s going in to have her engine cams replaced; I see it sort of like knee surgery, her old parts are wore out and need to be replaced with new ones to extend her life on the road. Replacing cams in a bike is like replacing thoughts in me. The timing is perfect…as I pack for a week long road trip to CO, I look forward to the boring-ass ride through Kansas and Eastern CO because that is where I can really do a lot of work on replacing my old beliefs with fresh new ones that serve my desires and keep me on this road of life. A lot of annoying thoughts come up when I’m on the straight, hot, breezy plains roads…a good space for leaving excess baggage on the pavement!
As I stroll from living room to bedroom, I observe the mass of “stuff” needing to go on this 5 day trip with my kids…their stuff, my stuff, and our stuff…stuff we need to survive …Legos, card games, sketch pads and markers, blankies and pillows. Then I walk into my closet and in the corner is another pile of stuff…this stuff will all go into the bags on my motorcycle. A relatively small heap in comparison, because I can only pack what I need and not what I might need. I love the simplicity of it…and the fact that I’m ecstatic about leaving home and all my “stuff” for 8 straight days. Aside from the bangles I wear…my trademark I guess…I’m attached to nothing I bring on this trip. I have what I need to protect myself from the sun, and comfort myself in rain, and cold…a few pair of jeans, a couple of shirts, bathroom bag, nutritious snacks and herbal supplements; my Premium Fuel…and I love it. I love living out of three small bags for a week. I have a great set of saddlebags, made in Eau Claire, WI by Iron Max. I look like Mary Poppins with her magic carpet bag as I load and unload these bags. These bad boys have 85,000miles on them!

Speaking of bags…something I have a fascination with…I don’t carry Wal-mart around on my shoulder; pockets on my jackets and jeans are my preferred purse…but I do love large bags for holding my stuff for an away from home adventure. I also like small bags for holding a few necessary items; camera, wallet, room key, phone, for when I don’t feel like dragging my jacket around. Check out this hand crafted bag! Hooks right on to the belt loops of my jeans! If I have no belt loops, a strap can quickly be attached for throwing over my head. These awesome bags come in a variety of colors and some varying styles at The Lakes Gallery in North Lake, WI

While in CO, I’ll be spending a day in Keystone checking out the National Women’s Motorcycling Conference. doing a bit of networking and spreading the word about Motorcycle Medicine. I’m looking forward to the stories I’ll have to tell from the road!

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